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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Smart Home Gym and Recovery Space

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Smart Home Gym and Recovery Space

Have you ever wanted to build a whole gym of your own? With the limited space you have at home you might think, is that even possible? Here's the ultimate guide to building your very own smart home gym space!


 1. Get Warmed Up

Theragun PRO & Therabody App 

Your warm-up routines are just as important as your workout! A great home gym means taking care of your body before you exercise. Besides your stretches, use the Theragun to sweep across your muscles to warm them up. You can also connect it to the Therabody app and choose from a selection of warm-ups that's perfect for you.

Bonus: You can also put it on the charging stand (excluding the Theragun Mini) and have it charge during your workout.

Not sure which Theragun is the right fit for you? Check out the comparison guide!



2. Your Own Compact Smart Gyms

When you think of personal gyms you'd imagine big gym equipments and rows upon rows of weights and barbells. But now, as we progress into a smart lifestyle, even your gyms can be smart.  

With the STRONGether PowerStation PRO, you don't have to worry any longer. It's an all in one gym with 5 gym functions, with adjustable weights at a press of a button. What's more, you can fold it up and keep it away to free up even more space. 

There's also the STRONGether PowerStation, which is the Lite version of the PRO with similar smart features. 


NEXGIM Smart AI Exercise Bike

Or if you're the cardio type, you can hop on the NEXGIM Smart AI Bike and cycle and train using it's smart features. The exercise bike is also wireless and charges while you cycle!

What's great about these devices is that you can connect to the QiSense app and the NEXGIM app for the PowerStation PRO and the NEXGIM respectively.

(If you have the Zwift app, you can also connect to the NEXGIM bike!)


3. Rest and Recover

After your workout, don't just stop there! Continue to use the Theragun to sweep across your sore muscles and use the Therabody app again for guidance on your post-workout recovery.

You can also go the extra mile and use red light therapy after your massage therapy as they are both extremely complimentary and can be highly effective in the recovery process.

FlexBeam - red light therapy device

The FlexBeam directs the red light on your sore spots and joints for a more targeted application. The red light penetrate the skin to target the cells and stimulate them to regenerate faster. 



Whether you're just starting out, or already in the fitness scene, we do hope these recommendations will help is building your smart gym of your dreams.



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