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The Nexgim App - Your Personal Trainer

The Nexgim App - Your Personal Trainer

What separates the Nexgim Smart Exercise Bike from the vast pool of options? One thing is the Smart feature built inside this compact and extremely silent bike which connects you to popular apps like Zwift, Rouvy & RGT.


    Connect to the Nexgim App 

    1. Search for the NEXGIM intl. app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store

    2. Open the app and register with your email.

    3. Power on the Nexgim Bike.

    4. In the Nexgim App, tap on the button "Connect".


    This native program was designed to make your riding fun and meaningful, while tracking your fitness. In this article, we will dive into 3 key features from the app, namely:


    1. Guided Courses
    2. Virtual World Cycling
    3. Spin Classes

    1. Guided Courses

    The Nexgim app is packed with fun and challenging guided courses to suit your training needs. There are up to 22 courses to date for you to choose from whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider.


    If you have limited time, you can choose a “10-minute daily health” or you can choose endurance courses which can last up to 60 minutes. HIIT lovers have options like the “20-minute interval fat burning” course. The “20-minute climbing sprint” is a great way to build muscle strength.



    Here is a sample of a 5-min basic exercise course video:



    2. Virtual World Cycling

    One of the ways to keep ourselves motivated (and not staring at the walls) while training at home is to add a virtual training program. The Nexgim app virtual world cycling removes the boredom of cycling, rather it keeps you pedaling as though you are riding outdoors. There are up to 10 different virtual routes to explore.


    Here is a sample of Matsukawa Bay (Fukushima, Japan):


    3. Spin Classes

    Spin classes are challenging and intuitive as a group cycles alongside an instructor and music booming in the background. It brings many health benefits if one can commit to the programs. Budget and time are often hindering one from starting.


    The Nexgim App wants users to gain access to such classes and now you can do it in your homes, with up to 28 different spin classes to choose from.

    Watch a full video of a spin class - Rhythmic Riding:




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