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Unsure which Theragun to get? Read this guide to help you decide!

Unsure which Theragun to get? Read this guide to help you decide!

Originally written by 

Kai Burkhardt for on May 12, 2020.


We tested and compared the Theragun MiniTheragun Elite and Theragun Pro for their power, performance and convenience. Not only did we want to note the differences between the devices, such as speed and power, but we also wanted to look at other factors such as ease of use and noise. Each device has its own quirks and benefits, so to help you find the best one, we’ve put together this guide.


We think the Theragun Mini is the most exciting and innovative massage device Therabody has put out yet. Its $199 price tag is the lowest of the lineup, making it an amazing introductory device. 


While it doesn’t pack as big a punch as the Elite or Pro, the Theragun Mini has top speeds of 2,400 percussions per minute, matching the more expensive models. However, it doesn’t provide as much depth or power with its 12mm amplitude, which translates to how far the massager head moves up and down, and 20 pounds of stalling force, which is how hard you can push on it before it stops. (The commercial-level Pro, for comparison, charts a 16mm amplitude and 60 pounds of stalling force.) Despite this, the Mini provided us with enough percussive power for a relaxing massage. 


If you just want the essentials of a massage gun without many extra features, the Theragun Prime is a great option with its ergonomic shaping and hefty motor. If you’re looking for more convenience or even more power, check out the Elite and Pro.


The Theragun Elite is the next iteration of Therabody’s most popular massage gun, the Theragun G3. The fourth generation brings loads of improvements, like more speed settings, a more powerful motor and much longer battery life.


So how is the Elite, which costs $100 more at $399, better than the Prime? The main improvements are a higher stall force, which means you can get deeper into those sore muscles; a force meter that displays on a new OLED screen, which helps you gauge just how hard you’re pushing; an additional attachment (the wedge); wireless charging capabilities; and the ability to locally store preset routines on the device. None of these is a game-changer by itself, but combined, they make the Elite a much more well-rounded product, with both better performance and convenience than the Prime.


If you need the best of the best, or are looking to add a massage gun to your arsenal as a personal trainer, there’s no doubt the Theragun Pro should be your weapon of choice. The Pro adds an adjustable arm and swappable batteries and packs a much bigger punch than all the other Theraguns in the lineup. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty, compared with the one-year warranty that comes standard with the other devices in the release.


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