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  • 5 tips to maximise performance
    September 18, 2020 Zachery Teo

    5 tips to maximise performance

    Today’s is really a self-help guide to show you methods to help your body recover. So, let’s dive in and look at some of the simple recovery strategies you can integrate into your training program and make sure you stay through to the end because we’ve got a real surprise for you guys.
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  • Feeling stressed? A run could help!
    September 11, 2020 Zachery Teo

    Feeling a little stressed out? A run could help!

    With the multitude of benefits associated with physical exercise, a simple form of that would be running. It's simple, requires no professional equipment, and you can easily do it with a partner or in groups. Well of course, you'll have to adhere to the "5-a-group" laws. 

    Here are a few steps you can take to begin your running journey!

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  • What is percussive therapy and how can it help runners?
    September 10, 2020 Zachery Teo

    What is percussive therapy and how can it help runners?

    In the last 18 months you may have seen massage guns featuring more and more in sports people’s kit bags. They look like small drills and act by essentially pummelling your muscles to increase blood flow and loosen up tight spots. Chiropractor Dr Jason Wersland is one of the pioneers of percussive therapy; the man behind Theragun, we spoke with him to find out more about what a massage gun can do for runners.
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