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Is Chipolo as good as AirTag?

Is Chipolo as good as AirTag?

Smart tracking devices has been in the market right now and whenever we talked about a tracking device, our first thought is the Apple AirTag. But what about Chipolo's tracking devices, more specifically the ONE Spot and CARD spot series? Which is iOS supported and uses the Apple Find My global network. How similar or different they are, and is it as good? Let's look into it!

  •  Efficiency
  •  Look
  •  Price Point

  1. Efficiency

Of course, the main factor of a tracker is how useful an efficient is it. Both Apple's AirTag and Chipolo CARD Spot & ONE Spot uses the global Find MY network, connected by bluetooth, to locate your lost items. Both can also switch to Lost Mode.  However, the AirTag has precision location whereas the CARD Spot and ONE Spot doesn't.

Your privacy and security are important when it comes to tracking devices and because Chipolo uses the Apple Find My network, it benefits from the privacy protection from Apple.

Both of these tracking devices also do play a sound to help you locate it, but compared to the AirTag, the Chipolo's CARD Spot and ONE Spot is much louder.

The battery life span for the Apple AirTag lasts up to 1 year, similar to the Chipolo ONE Spot and up to 2 years for the CARD Spot. 


2. Look

When compared to each other, it's quite obvious that the AirTag has more bulk to it than the slim design of Chipolo. The Chipolo CARD Spot can easily slip inside a wallet without any bulk. The ONE Spot also has a keyhole ring whereas you would need to get an additional accessory for the AirTag to loop your keys together. 

3. Price Point

The Apple AirTag costs $45 while the Chipolo CARD Spot and ONE Spot bundle costs $75.90, while the CARD Spot costs $52.90. Though slightly higher than the AirTag, the bundle is really a bang for your buck if you need multiple trackers for your belongings. 



AirTag vs Chipolo ONE Spot CARD Spot

You can check out the Chipolo ONE Spot & CARD Spot here or the Chipolo CARD Spot here.

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