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What is FlexBeam and How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

What is FlexBeam and How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Dr Julia Frost, co-founder of FlexBeam

What is FlexBeam and How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

 You may have heard of red light therapy and FlexBeam, see the benefits red light therapy and what sets FlexBeam apart from other red light therapy devices explained by the co-founder of FlexBeam, Dr Julia Frost.

FlexBeam is a portable red light therapy device and a product of thorough scientific research that has resulted in an innovative approach in recovery. Designed for the human body, the FlexBeam works directly where it's needed, maximising the targeted red and near-infrared light.


Why choose FlexBeam?

FlexBeam uses red light and invisible infrared light, which is the most safe and successful wavelengths. It easily flexes around all the curves and joints and delivers targeted red light therapy.

What’s so good about targeted? Targeted application means the light enters the body at the right place and delivers the energy into the body at the required depth. Due to the design of the FlexBeam, the red light can be focused at three different angles, allowing light to reach and stimulate the targeted tissue.




Red Light

Photo by Łukasz Nieścioruk on Unsplash

The Science Behind Red Light

Scientists agree that the key to success of this technology lies in its dosing. When the light does is right, you will get the right therapeutic response from your body. The FlexBeam is applied directly onto the skin ensuring the light energy is delivered at the correct dose to get the maximum benefits for the body.




Red Sunset

Photo by Yohan Marion on Unsplash

Design to Mimic Nature

Like how the sunlight gives a lot of benefits for ourselves, the FlexBeam red light mimics nature which helps encourage the natural recovery process. It mimics the gentle increase or decrease of power and frequencies like sunrise, day and sunset.

The FlexBeam has convenient pre-timed cycles and battery operated mode, making it easy to use anytime and anywhere.


Take Charge of Your Recovery. Shop FlexBeam.

 Or try the FlexBeam Experience rental.



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