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Which Theragun is the best for you? A Guide To Choose Your Massage Device

Which Theragun is the best for you? A Guide To Choose Your Massage Device

With the 4th Generation Theragun, there's 4 different models to choose from and one may find themselves a bit unsure of which Theragun would be the best for them. Here's a guide to help you pick the right Theragun massage device for you!

 When choosing the right Theragun for you, you should consider:

  • Power
  • Budget
  • Frequency of Use
  • Purpose of Use


Theragun PRO 

Theragun PRO

The Theragun PRO is the top in specifications compared to the other devices. It has the highest no-stall force of up to 60lbs, which is the highest out of all the Theragun devices. It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and an adjustable arm with an ergonomic multi-grip. 

It has a fancy OLED screen that displays the speed frequency and the battery life and comes with 6 interchangeable attachments. The Theragun PRO costs $899, the highest of out the series.

 Theragun Elite and Prime

Theragun Elite and Prime

The Theragun Elite and Prime are two models that are very similar in specifications. Both have the same amount of battery life (120 minutes) and a fixed arm with the ergonomic multi-grip. The main differences are the Elite has a up to 40lbs no-stall force compared to Prime's 30lbs no-stall force.

The Elite also has an OLED screen display while the Prime doesn't and the Elite comes with 5 attachments while the Prime comes with 4. The Theragun Elite costs $639 while the Theragun Prime costs $469.

 Theragun Mini

Theragun Mini

The smallest Theragun device of the Theragun modes has the lowest no-stall force of up to 20lbs and only 3 speed settings to choose from. It has a battery life of 150 minutes, which is slightly more than the Elite and Prime.

The Theragun Mini doesn't come with any other attachments beside the standard ball. However, the design is compact and portable and only weighs around 650g, making it easy to bring along. The Theragun Mini costs $319, the lowest of the series.

Here's a side by side specification comparison:


Theragun 4th Gen Comparison Infographic -


Final Verdict

With all 4 having different specifications and price points, here's some pointers on which Theragun would be the right fit for you


Choose Theragun PRO, if you:

  • need a massage device to use for long hours
  • work in the sports industry or physiotherapy and needs the strongest massage device
  • use it daily

Choose Theragun Elite, if you:

  • want a slightly stronger massage device
  • a quieter massage device
  • frequently/ocassionally do workouts or sports

Choose Theragun Prime, if you:

  • are on a budget but want a standard massage device
  • frequently/occasionally work out or do sports 
  • don't mind not having a OLED screen

Choose Theragun Mini, if you:

  • are on a budget
  • prefer a milder massage 
  • want to start small with an entry-level massage device
  • always on-the-go and need a massage device to bring along


Now you know what are the differences for each Theragun devices, see what makes Theragun, a Theragun.

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