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What do people and their pets think of the Neabot P1 PRO?

What do people and their pets think of the Neabot P1 PRO?

Big or small, there’s nothing more frustrating than grooming your pets and getting fur all over your clothes and furniture. See how Josh test out the Neabot’s powerful suction! No stray hairs get passed this vacuum.

@1jolly1 / TikTok



Does Tuti and Yuki ring the bell? If you’re active on TikTok you may have seen their videos on your FYP or you’re one of the 3.8 million followers. Well, it turns out that these adorable furry friends are based in Singapore and they are utilizing the Neabot P1 PRO for their self-care sessions!


@tutiandyuki / TikTok


Dogs and cats need grooming, but what about rabbits? Yes, they shed and need regular grooming as much as other pets do. Check out this rabbit getting groomed with the Neabot P1 PRO!

@theminikinbuns/ Instagram


Explore Neabot P1 PRO Pet Grooming Kit. 



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