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Make any treadmill smart and connect to Zwift!

Make any treadmill smart and connect to Zwift!

Yay running at home in aircon!

 In these COVID-stricken times, some Singaporeans are more hesitant when it comes to exercising outdoors. Preferring instead, to exercise indoors with the help of a treadmill. 

However, running indoors can be boring and mundane. Facing a concrete wall without any colours, etc. Some put a tablet in-front of them, probably watching a Netflix series whilst running - although, some find that to be distracting and affects their concentration. 

Thank goodness we have the Runn™ by North Pole Engineering, the world's first optical speed sensor that makes treadmill training more fun (with the connection to Zwift) as well as more efficient!

So, what is Zwift?

Zwift is a Multiplayer Online Application that tracks what you do in the physical world and translate that into a virtual world. Users will be able to create a virtual self and interact with others in Zwift - whilst running of course.

Within this world, you can run together in a group (virtually) formed with people from all over the world. Or, you can meet friends in the virtual world and run together, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Why use Runn™?

Runn™ automatically turns your dumb treadmill to a "smart" one. Sitting on your treadmill deck, the sensor reads reflective stickers that you stick directly on your treadmill belt. Whilst running, the sensor continuously tracks the stickers, deducing your speed/pace. This info is then relayed to Zwift from the sensor via Bluetooth. The Runn™ is charged with a micro USB cable. 

With the Runn™, your efforts are more accurately represented in Zwift. Increasing your speed on the treadmill will result in near instantaneous changes on Zwift. Whether you're running a 10k or a marathon, the numbers won't lie. Accurate metrics can make the difference when running in a group or placing in a race. 

How to set up Runn™

To set up your Runn™ speed sensor, you'll need a treadmill and a device. Follow these instructions to get you set up.

1. Peel off the double-sided adhesives. Stick the adhesive onto the bottom of Runn™ mounting system and place it firmly on the deck of the treadmill

2. Begin placing the reflective stickers on the belt of the treadmill so they pass directly under the optical sensor

3. Turn on the Runn™ and start the treadmill. If the stickers are placed properly, the light will flash when the stickers pass under the optical sensor. 

4. Open up Zwift and find your Runn™ device in the pairing screen. Pair the devices together.

5. Enjoy your run!

Click here to get your own NPE Runn™ now!

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