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[PREORDER] RUNN Smart Treadmill Sensor

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The Runn easily installs onto the side rail of most treadmills. By using an optical speed sensor to track belt rotation speed, this revolutionary device broadcasts data directly back to Zwift via BLE and ANT+. What does this mean? It means you get the most accurate speed, distance, incline, and cadence data while running on Zwift, helping you level up every time you train.

- Seamlessly connects to Zwift via BLE and ANT+ for quick pairing to all devices

- Measures and broadcasts speed, incline, and cadence

- Uses a USB rechargeable battery

- Cradle easily installs on most treadmills by using adhesive strips (included inbox)

- Comes with approximately 20 belt sensor stickers

• Easy to install and set up on virtually any treadmill

• Broadcasts speed, incline and cadence to apps like Zwift via Bluetooth and wearable devices like Garmin vis ANT+. 

• USB or Battery powered


# Product Warranty: 12 Month Limited Warranty.