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Theragun Prime vs Sense: 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Theragun Prime vs Sense: 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy


If you have heard of Theragun, you’ve probably seen their Prime model. This best-seller is now in its 5th iteration, with its new USB Type C charging port adaptations. The Prime establishes itself as an amazing entry model into the Theragun Performance series as a simple and powerful massage device. On the other hand, the recently released Theragun Sense is packed with all the brand’s wellness features. With easy-to-follow guides and breathing routines, this massage device introduces easy lifestyle improvements.

With these two models currently at the same price,  let’s compare these 2 models to find the right one for you.



The first clear difference is found in the devices’ power. The sleek Theragun Prime PACKS. A. PUNCH. It is capable of deep and powerful percussive therapy, landing itself among the other Theragun behemoths like the Pro and Pro Plus models. The depth and intensity that the Prime provides is perfect for the recovery you need, relieving soreness and tightness post-workout, or when necessary. The Theragun Sense tones down the intensity and turns up the relaxation instead. This gentle beast relieves tension and stress in all the right places and its perfect for people who may fear the intensity that the Prime is capable of.


Weight and Size

The next factor to consider would be the model’s weight and size. The percussive power behind the Theragun Prime is housed in a 1.7kg body. Even at its current weight, the Prime remains comfortable to hold and manoeuvre with due to its ergonomic, triangle handle. However, you may be less keen on bringing the device with you. The Theragun Sense weighs in at 725g, a slightly smaller but significantly lighter model that us users can pack as part of our work out gear or even for travelling.


Display and Guides

Part of the 6th generation, many benefits of the Sense can be found behind its LCD screen. With its bright display, the users can easily navigate through the Sense’s menu of therapy routines. These routines can range from a quick warm up before your workout or even as part of your unwinding process before sleep. Each routine features a visual guide on the areas of focus on the body, bringing precision to your self-administered therapy session. The Prime, however, dedicates most of its design towards packing more power. Without the display, users are still able to control the speed settings using the on-device buttons. More routines can be explored when both models are connected to the Therabody App via bluetooth, unlocking the guided therapy routines for the Prime.


Additional Sense Features

Additionally, the Sense has an in-built biometric sensor that they use to help you relax and breathe right through guided breathing routines. Also known as Breathwork, the device sends mini gentle vibrations as breathing cues for you to follow. Better breathing means easier relaxation, reduction in stress and ultimately, a better you.


Built Different

As you can tell from each model’s different features, the Theragun Prime is designed to be a no frills massage therapy device, simply capable of delivering powerful percussive force for your recovery needs. The Theragun Sense would then be the ultimate wellness tool, perfect even for areas outside of your workout regimen. Whether you’re looking for a workout companion or a wellness one, both Prime and Sense are great models to choose from.



Choose Theragun Prime If you’re looking for
- deep, powerful force
- easy and straightforward
- daily warmups and recovery

Choose Theragun Sense If you’re looking for
- gentler but impactful force
- lightweight and easy to use
- warmups/recovery for low to medium impact routines


Author: Ian

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