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5 Gifts We Know Your Dad Would Love

5 Gifts We Know Your Dad Would Love

PSA, Father’s day is just around the corner! If you’re still searching for the perfect gift, We’ve got you covered. From the techie to the fitness junkies, here is a list of gifts that all dads would absolutely love this Father’s Day.

1. Theragun Relief


The ultimate wellness companion that your dad deserves. The Theragun Relief is more than a simple muscle recovery device. Help him undo all the stress and tiredness in his body through its different wellness benefits. With the Theragun app, the Relief becomes a one stop shop to reducing pain, relieving muscle tension and even sleeping better. This app-device duo tells you how and where to employ the Relief for every dad’s needs. With its ergonomic triangle grip and 3 unique attachments, this device reaches even the toughest spots.

If your dad is new to massage guns, the Relief is a great way to start his recovery journey. The device’s percussion is comfortable and can be used on a daily basis. This Father’s day, introduce your dad to his well-earned wellness.


Shop for the Theragun Relief here.


2. Theragun Pro Plus

If you feel that the Relief may not be what your dad needs, fret not. Theragun’s long line of products means that there is a massage gun for everybody. If your dad’s lifestyle says “Heavy Duty”, he needs the Theragun Pro Plus. This model sports the deepest and strongest percussion that Theragun has to offer. Being able to push through thick layers of muscle, it brings a much higher level of recovery for our hard-working dads.

It doesn’t stop there, the Pro Plus is packed with all the recovery technology you can get. One of the five attachments that comes with it allows you to apply heat to your tired muscles, stimulating circulation and relieving sore areas. The Pro Plus also has red-light recovery with LED lights that reach beneath the skin.

With the Pro Plus, your dad gets the whole package. The dads in your life deserves the best rest and recovery that the Theragun Pro Plus can give.


Shop for the Theragun Pro Plus here.


3. RingConn


A ring might not be your first thought when it comes to Father’s Day gifts, but watch the RingConn Smart Ring become an absolute essential in your dad’s life. This smart ring is able to track all the important health metrics, from heart rate, blood oxygen level to the steps he’s taken. When worn to sleep, the smart ring is able to provide recommendations and insights through the data it receives. If you know your dad could use the boost in rest and health, you’ve found the perfect gift.

With its long battery life, he would never miss a beat having to charge the ring up. Also, unlike the typical smart watches, the smart ring goes incognito. Pair this with a dress watch of his choice, and your dad would have the classiest health wearable look out there.

Shop for the RingConn Smart Ring here.


4. Oladance OWS Sports


What better way to celebrate your father than with quality time. Take your father out on a relaxing stroll around the park, or a cycle past landmarks together, but don’t forget the Oladance OWS Sports headphones that you are getting him! With the OWS Sports, your dad take in ambient sounds and pair them with his favourite tunes. As True Open Earphones, the OWS Sports has a completely open ear design. If your dad has ever complained about the discomfort of in-ear headphones or bulky over-ear ones, this would be the solution.

Great for both audiophile and sporty fathers, these headphones combine crisp sound with waterproofing and a comfortable neckband so your dad can use them in any situation. Looking for a versatile and practical gift this Father’s Day? Make sure to check out the OWS Sports!


Shop for the Oladance OWS Sports here.

5. Coolify 3

 While enjoying the great outdoors, gear your dad with the Coolify 3 to beat the heat. The newest in line of portable air-conditioners, treat him to the quick-cooling, refreshing air flow that the Coolify 3 provides. More than just fans, the icy-cold cooling plates cuts through the heat, keeping you fresh no matter the weather. 

If your dad has been complaining about the heat, a special gift like this is just what he needs. Arm your dad with the best defence against the heat wave with the Coolify 3.


Shop for the Coolify 3 here.


Celebrating Our Heroes

Fathers are special to us in so many ways, and these thoughtful gifts are how we think they can be appreciated. Whether it’s through gifts like the RingConn and Theragun, or a simple heartfelt message, show the dads in your life how much they mean to you this Father’s Day.




Author: Ian

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