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Looking to Upgrade Your FPS Game? Here’s How a Controller Can Help

Looking to Upgrade Your FPS Game? Here’s How a Controller Can Help

Mobile Phones are In

Mobile gaming is going big. Better processing, better graphics means bigger games are coming to your phones. Game companies are accompanying these mobile powerhouses with the largest games that mobile gaming have ever seen. Titles like Warframe and Resident Evil have made their appearances in your application store, but most notably, the recent release of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile.

Mobile games aren’t new to the table, but with the increasing complexity and pacing, has the touchscreen reached its limit? We think that a mobile controller is the perfect companion to stay ahead in mobile gaming.


Slide and Shoot

First-Person Shooter (FPS) games are not strangers in the mobile gaming market. Normally, these FPS games would have players dragging the left side of the screen to move the character and swiping the right to move the camera perspective, aiming weapons. Additional buttons are also used for a host of functions like jumping or accessing the inventory system. In a bid to differentiate and stand out, these games are continually offering new experiences and new mechanics to hook players in. This also means that smartphones have to accommodate the increasing complexities of the modern mobile FPS.

Innovative game mechanics have to find ways to be efficient on these smart phone screens. This problem is explored with Warzone. On the console, the same game is played with joysticks for movement, triggers for shooting and with button functionality. However the mobile version tries to emulate these controls using its on-screen joystick and swiping motions, limiting the precision and accuracy of the players. While the touchscreen controls are reportedly top notch for Warzone, the FPS experience is far superior through a physical controller.


A Game of Gadgets

Thankfully, mobile gaming controllers are on the rise. Controllers like the Backbone One provide the ultimate console gaming experience with tactile buttons and near exact functions, only its optimised for your phone. Not only that, the comfort you get from the additional grip elevates gaming on your otherwise flat smart phone.

The situation escalates when there are noticeable differences in performance between the controller and non-controller gamers. Warzone mobile players have reported being outperformed by sharper movements from their opponents who were using such controllers. The controllers also gave players the chance to use moves like slide and reload cancelling, moves that can make or break the fiercest duels. By playing this mini game of gadgets, the invested gamer can stay ahead of the game


The Backbone One

This is where the BackBone One comes in. The BackBone One does elevate your experiences with these mobile games, but it also does so much more. Most mobile phones are capable of cloud gaming, streaming console-only titles through different service providers. Now, you can gain access to entirely different game libraries that are otherwise confined to your console at home. By pairing your smartphone with the Backbone One, you get to have a console gaming experience on the go. That would mean streaming the main Call of Duty game titles instead of just playing the mobile version of them, 

Not only that, the Backbone One also features a recording function, able to take both pictures and videos of your gameplay. Those moments you wish your gaming buddies had witnessed, you can now easily capture. Share all your epic highlights online with an easy click of the button. All these functions raise the bar for the gaming your smartphone can do.


Time for an upgrade

With bigger and better games on the horizon, your phone needs an upgrade. More complex games could require additional hardware once their mechanics overwhelm the touchscreen real estate. A mobile gaming controller like the Backbone One is the perfect package of portability, console quality buttons and cloud gaming.


Find out more about the Backbone One here.


Author: Ian

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