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The Best Tech Gifts for Mum of 2023

The Best Tech Gifts for Mum of 2023

On Mother's Day, we celebrate all the mums and mother figures in our life. Our mums deserves the best for all the hard work they've done so why not give the best tech treats that mom would love.



Coolify 2S Smart Wearable Air Conditioner

For the mums to keep cool when they're out and about. No more stickiness or feeling uncomfortable during a hot day when she has the Coolify 2S. With its complimentary app, she can adjust the speeds and intensity of the coolness to her own liking. 


For the mums who need an extra TLC for eye strains and headaches. Nothing beats a good massage whenever she needs it. With modes like SmartRelax and Sleep mode, the combination of heat, massage and vibration would have her dozing off in minutes. 

FlexBeam Mother's DayFlexBeam Red Light Therapy Device

For the mums who needs relief after a long week. Technology that's used by NASA themselves, the red light therapy can help her recover faster, so that she can live her life to the fullest. 

Theragun miniTheragun mini

For the mums who want to squeeze in a deep tissue massage anytime, anywhere. A trustworthy friend to have by her side, always. This compact massager comes in handy on days when she needs a soothing relief any time of the day. 


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