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The Perfect Father's Day Gift Guide for tech dads 2022 Singapore

The Best Father's Day Gifts 2022 Singapore

The Perfect Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is coming soon, on 19 June and here's the chance to get the perfect tech gifts to show our thanks to the most important men in our lives. 

We compiled a guide list on the products we think dads would love.


1. Theragun PRO Theragun PRO

The best of the best. Pay off their hard work with great massages anytime with the Theragun PROLet him soothe those aching muscles without leaving the house and with the Theragun app, he can connect it and personalise his routine.

The Theragun PRO also has four distinct arm settings and with the innovative ergonomic handle design, your dad can reach parts of his body with ease. With the upgraded motor with QuietForce Technology, it still maintains the power without losing speed or quality. 

If your dad loves to workout, or just love a good massage, the Theragun PRO is the perfect gift for him.


Shop Theragun PRO and receive a free device care kit during this GSS promotion here.

Or check out the full Theragun collection here.



2. Chipolo CARD Spot & ONE Spot

Chipolo CARD Spot and ONE Spot Bundle

 Does your dad always lose his keys or wallet or anything else? Why not make searching easier by getting the Chipolo CARD Spot & ONE Spot?

The thin CARD Spot slips easily inside a wallet without adding much bulk and the ONE Spot can basically attach to anything that has a keyring on it. It works exclusively with the Apple Find My app and your dad can easily locate them and even receive an alert when he's leaving without his devices.  It's also water resistant and so loud that your dad can definitely find them in a noisy environment.

Gift him the Chipolo CARD Spot or the CARD Spot & ONE Spot bundle so he never has to worry about losing his belongings again.


Shop the Chipolo CARD Spot here.

Shop the Chipolo CARD Spot & ONE Spot bundle here.



3. Coolify2

Coolify2 Black

Need to cool down in Singapore's hot weather? Feeling a little too cold in the room? The Coolify2 portable air conditioner helps with any occasion dads find them in.

The new and improved version of its predecessor, the Coolify2 has  a new KU 2.0 chip which supports  two cooling plates that wraps around the neck, covering a larger surface area and improves the cooling performances up to 7 times. Now comes in 3 different setting modes - cooling, fan and heating, it's a personal fan like no other.

Whether your dad loves the outdoors or is more of an indoor person, the Coolify2 is the perfect gift for dads for any situation.


Shop the Coolify2 here.


4. FlexBeam

FlexBeam White 

Targeted red light and near-infrared light therapy has a lot of benefits which includes accelerating the body's recovery and also optimizing your health. The FlexBeam uses targeted red light therapy to relieve, repair and recover the body by penetrating through the cells.

The FlexBeam is designed to bend around areas such as the knee joints and the elbows but also works for along the spine or arms. With the three presets, your dad can select the intensity of the red light therapy according to his needs and what needs attention. 

Gift your dad the perfect recovery gift so that he can stay healthy and have a more comfortable lifestyle.


Shop the FlexBeam here.

Unsure of making the investment? Check out our FlexBeam Experience Rental Program here and sign up.


5. NEXGIM Smart AI Bike Nexgim QBC01 Smart A1 Bike

 Does your dad want to get in shape but dreads those monotonous exercises?Make exercise fun for him with the NEXGIM Smart AI Bike.

The NEXGIM Smart AI Bike has smart features like no other. One, it stays plug-free as it generates power by cycling. So dad can put the bike anywhere he likes at home. The bike also connects to the Nexgim app on his mobile devices where he has access to all the fun activities such as virtual cycling, guided courses and classes.

Impress your dad with the NEXGIM Smart AI Bike and he'll never complain about exercising again.


Shop NEXGIM Smart AI Bike here.


6. Mu6 Ring

Mu6 Ring

If your dad loves to go on runs, why not gift him with the Mu6 Ring air conduction sports headphones.

Unlike the bone conduction ones, these lightweight air conduction headphones  occur near the air around the ears. With the open-ear technology, your dad can go about his runs and be totally aware of his surroundings, making it safe while listening to music.

Let your dad enjoy music while being safe wherever he goes. Show that you care with the Mu6 Ring headphones.


Shop the Mu6 Ring here.


Still not finding what you're searching for?

Check out our best-seller Theragun Prime if you're looking for a fool-proof gift that your dad will appreciate or browse through our website to see what other products we have.


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