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Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Tis the season! The season of giving is here and if you’re wondering what to get for your loved ones, we’re here to help! Here’s our 2023 Christmas gift guide for Mom and Dad, your significant other and the fitness enthusiasts in your life!


Gifts For Mom

1. TheraFace Mask, $939Therabody's newest addition in the Therabody Beauty line-up brings LED face mask to a whole new level. With 3 times more LEDs than other competitors, red, blue and infrared light as well as vibration therapy, the TheraFace Mask is the best choice for Mom who loves everything about skincare.


 2. SmartGoggles, $329Show Mom how much you appreciate her by treating her a gift of self-care and relaxation. The SmartGoggles by Therabody is a smart eye massager that combines gentle massage, heat and vibration to give the ultimate relaxation session for Mom. 


Gifts for Dad

1. Theragun Prime, $479Who says gifts for Dad are difficult? A great gift that all dads would love is a good quality massage device and the Theragun Prime is exactly that! With its ergonomic triangle grip makes it's easy to use and 4 attachments so Dad can reach those knots and sore spots.


2. RecoveryAir Series Compression Boots, $899-$1449 Dads need their relaxation too, not just moms! The RecoveryAir compression boots is a game-changer. With two models to choose from, RecoveryAir JetBoots and RecoveryAir Prime, treat Dad with a gift that helps him soothe his aching legs that he can use any time of the day.


Gifts for Athletes

1. Oladance OWS Pro, $339

 For those who love to work out while listening to music, the Oladance OWS Pro is an open-ear design earbuds where they can listen while being aware of their surroundings. This open-ear earbuds sits comfortably and securely over the ear, high quality audio and a long battery life of up to 58 hours.


2. Theragun PRO, $939

Do you know someone who's all about sports and fitness? Give the gift of movement with Theragun PRO. It has everything an athlete would love, from its customisable speed settings, rotating grip and 6 different attachments, the Theragun PRO fits perfectly in the lifestyle of an athlete.


3. FlexBeam, $699Recovery is an important part of an athlete's workout routine. FlexBeam's red light therapy is a great recovery device that goes deeper than the skin and targets the cells to encourage faster recovery so they can get back to the grind feeling refreshed. 

Gifts for Travelers 

1. Coolify wearable air conditioner series, $249-$369For those who are avid travelers, the Coolify series are the perfect travel companion for any type of weather. With a cooling, fan and heat mode, this versatile and stylish neck air conditioner brings coolness on a hot day and warmth on a cold day, anytime, anywhere. 


2. Theragun mini, $339Compact but packs a punch, the Theragun mini massage device is not only for massages before and after a workout. Carrying a small massage device works wonders for those long-haul flights and after a long day of touring the city.


3. HOVERAir X1, $539 - $599The best gift of travelling is always capturing the moments during their travel. Why not give them the HOVERAir X1, a pocket-sized, self-flying camera where they can take picturesque footage of the landscape and cinematic shots for their vlogs. This self-flying camera slips easily into any bag or pocket and is easy to set up so they'll never miss the moment!

Gifts Under $100

On a budget? Don't worry! Here are some selection of thoughtful gifts anyone would love to receive!

1. TORRAS Ostand iPhone 15 Cases, $49.90 - $69.90Get these sleek and stylish phone cases that has the patented magnetic O-ring that can prop up the phone on the table or stick it to a magnetic surface, so that they can watch their favourite K-dramas hands-free.


2. Chipolo Spot Series, $52.90 - $74.90A thoughtful gift for those who lose their items easily. The Chipolo Spot Series is an item tracker that works with the iPhone Find My app that helps detect where their lost items are. 


We hope that this gift guide will help you in finding the best gift during this Christmas season! 

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