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From Pro (5th Gen) to Pro Plus: Unveiling the Upgrades That Matter Most!

From Pro (5th Gen) to Pro Plus: Unveiling the Upgrades That Matter Most!

In the realm of percussive therapy, where innovation meets indulgence, the Theragun Pro Plus emerges as the epitome of luxury massage guns. If you've ever dreamt of a luxury spa treatment in the comfort of your own home, this sleek and powerful massage gun is about to make those dreams a reality. The Theragun Pro Plus isn't just a percussion massager; it's a lifestyle upgrade, a statement piece in the realm of self-care. Imagine feeling the tension melt away as you effortlessly glide this stylish device over your muscles. Come along on a journey with us to learn why the Theragun Pro Plus is the pinnacle of comfort and therapy when it comes to percussion therapy!

Unwrapping the new features

The pivotal distinction lies in the additional therapies offered by the Pro Plus, a substantial enhancement over the Pro model. While the Pro (5th Gen) excels in delivering powerful massages, the Pro Plus elevates the game by introducing several additional therapies to its repertoire:

Vibration/ Heat Therapies

Among these, vibration therapy takes center stage, providing targeted relief for joint pain and addressing sensitive areas with precision. The inclusion of heat therapy not only loosens up muscles before exercise but also enhances circulation, priming the body for optimal performance.

LED light therapy

Furthermore, the Pro Plus incorporates near-infrared LED light therapy, a cutting-edge feature that promotes cell regeneration and effectively reduces inflammation. In essence, the Theragun Pro Plus transcends the conventional boundaries of massage therapy, providing a comprehensive and tailored approach to wellness that sets it apart as the ultimate choice for those seeking an all-encompassing, advanced percussive therapy solution.

Breathwork Routines

Another standout addition to the Pro Plus model is the incorporation of Breathwork, a therapeutic modality that extends beyond physical recovery. This unique feature harnesses the power of haptic vibration cues, syncing with your breath to induce relaxation and heightened focus. The Pro Plus transcends traditional massage therapy by recognizing the integral connection between mind and body, offering a holistic approach to well-being.

Biometric Sensor

Moreover, the Pro Plus boasts a built-in biometric sensor, a technological marvel that elevates the user experience. By simply holding the device in the double-grip position and placing the tip of your index finger on the biometric sensor, users can seamlessly access their heart rate readings. This added dimension of biometric feedback aligns with Theragun's commitment to personalized wellness, making the Pro Plus not just a massage device but a comprehensive tool for achieving optimal physical and mental harmony.

Cold Therapy

More importantly, cold therapy has long been acknowledged for its ability to alleviate inflammation, pain, and swelling, and the Pro Plus seamlessly incorporates this therapeutic modality into its arsenal. By embracing cold therapy as the fifth additional feature, the Pro Plus offers users a comprehensive solution for recovery, addressing not only muscle soreness but also tackling inflammation at its core. Cold attachment sold separately.

Pixel-perfect display

One vital distinction lies in the choice of display technology. While the Pro (5th Gen) boasts an OLED screen, reputable for its superior picture quality, the Pro Plus takes a step further by integrating an LCD screen. Despite the conventional belief that OLED screens offer higher image quality, the Pro Plus challenges this notion with an LCD display that complements its features seamlessly. This deliberate choice ensures that users benefit from a more vibrant and clear interface, optimizing their experience with the device.

Re-invented attachments (Twist)

While the Pro (5th Gen) boasts an impressive arsenal of 6 percussive therapy attachments, the Pro Plus makes a delightful twist by offering 5 attachments. What makes this adjustment noteworthy is the exclusion of the Supersoft attachment in favor of introducing two game-changing attachments: Vibration Therapy attachment and Heat Therapy attachment. The Pro Plus, in its pursuit of elevating the recovery experience, recognizes that sometimes less is more when it comes to attachments. By trading one attachment for two additional attachments, the Pro Plus not only maintains the essence of the Pro (5th Gen) but also introduces a new exciting dimension to percussive therapy, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a dynamic and holistic approach to muscle recovery.

Watch this video below for a more in-depth analysis on Theragun Pro Plus:


So, there you have it – the Theragun Pro Plus, not just a massage gun, but your new wellness wingman. With its cool LCD screen, effective attachments, and groundbreaking features, the Pro Plus is like the superhero of recovery devices. Whether it's delivering a percussion symphony to your muscles or throwing in some cold or heat therapy for good measure, this technological marvel goes beyond expectations. So, if you're on the lookout for a percussive therapy upgrade that's got your back (and your muscles), the Theragun Pro Plus might just be your new go-to gadget for that post-workout bliss or midweek unwind.

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