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Smart Ring or Smart Watch? A New Type of Wearable to Track your Health

Smart Ring or Smart Watch? A New Type of Wearable to Track your Health

As we embrace a better and healthier lifestyle, it’s no surprise that new wearable devices enter the market to help you keep up with your health.

Smart rings and smart watches may share some common functionalities, but here’s some reason why you should choose a smart ring over the other.

1. Comfort All Day & Night

Tracking your health data 24/7 means wearing your device all day. Some may find it uncomfortable to wear a smart watch to sleep.

 But smart rings are small and discreet that you won’t feel uncomfortable PLUS you get accurate readings from the constant contact of the sensors to your skin.

2. Longer Battery Life

Nothing is more disruptive than when you need to remove your smartwatch to charge it before using it again.

 With smart rings, they tend to last longer than smartwatches, for up to 7 days, so you can spend more time tracking your health.

3. Less Intrusive & More Privacy

When you want to zone in and tune out during your workout or sleep, the smart ring is a better choice.

Without displays or vibrations on notifications, there’s nothing to distract you. Plus without a screen, you’ll be relieved that your health data is kept away in the app where your information is private.


Overall, if you’re looking to get a smart tracking device for yourself, and prefer something of low-maintenance, that doesn’t disrupt your daily routine, then a smart ring is the way to go!

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