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FlexBeam Official Launch Event in Singapore

FlexBeam Official Launch Event in Singapore

In case you missed it...

Last week, we successfully held an official FlexBeam Launch Event on 16 April 2022 at Synced Plaza Singapura. FlexBeam is a red light therapy device that uses targeted red and near-infrared light proven to accelerate your body’s recovery and optimize health.


Check out the highlights of the event!

Meet the FlexBeam

We introduced our guests to the newest addition to our collection and explained on what is the FlexBeam, some of its features and how to use it. 

We also displayed a few of the working demo sets where our guests could try it on for themselves!

Our Special Speakers

We invited Alex Loh, who is a Red Light Therapy Specialist, a FlexBeam Ambassador as well as the co-Founder & CEO of Actxa Wellness to give a talk on his experiences of using the FlexBeam long-term.

He also gave a knowledgeable explanation on the benefits of red light therapy and how it could improve your sleep using the device.

Recovering with FlexBeam

Another speaker we invited is no other than SEA Games Marathoner, National Athlete and Founder of X-Trailblazers, Jasmine Goh!

She added on more of her experiences with the FlexBeam and showed us how portable and easy to use the FlexBeam is.

She also talked about recovery with the FlexBeam as an athlete.

Q & A Session

We ended off with a Q & A Session with both Alex Loh and Jasmine Goh, led by our very own CEO Leo Can.

 We had interesting questions that were asked for Alex and Jasmine and even some intriguing questions that was asked from our CEO! From how red light therapy can help for sleep to how it can be used for the skin.

On to the shop floor!

After the Q & A Session, our guests were able to try out for themselves the working sets of the FlexBeam at the store.

Our guests got to see, touch and feel how the device works as well as learn additional information on our latest addition, FlexBeam.

 That's a wrap!

That is the highlights for our official launch event for the FlexBeam. If you would like to relieve, repair and recover with targeted red light therapy, go grab yourself a FlexBeam.


Click here to get a FlexBeam today!

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