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Theragun Review by RunnersWorld

Theragun Review by RunnersWorld

The New Theragun Is a Power Drill for Your Muscles

...Without sounding like one.

Theragun G3PRO

The RW Takeaway: The G3Pro is a quieter version of the previous Theragun, and packs an adjustable massaging action for the toughest knots.

  • Six interchangeable attachments.
  • An adjustable arm.
  • Two speeds that range from 29 to 40 percussions per second.

    Price: $599
    Weight: 3 lbs 1.6 oz (without attachment)
    Type: Massage Tool
    Battery Life:
    75 minutes per battery (two included, with charger)

    The third version of the Theragun comes with more settings and even more power. But what piqued our interest most when we heard about the G3Pro is that it’s quieter than past iterations—early Theraguns sounded like a jackhammer.

    While we still wouldn’t use the G3Pro at our desk—although quieter, it’s still just too distracting—we agreed the sound it emits is an improvement to the construction-site cacophony past versions produce.



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