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TheraGun G3Pro Review by JackRabbit

TheraGun G3Pro Review by JackRabbit


Another recovery tool? Oh yes, just what the athletes ordered!

In order to be and stay at your best, we know that recovery plays an essential role. Rolling out, icing and massaging are just a few best practices to make sure you’re always ready to go after a tough workout.

Ready to add to that list?  A game-changing tool arrived on the consumer market that was previously only reserved for PT practices and rehabilitation. Designed by a chiropractor with a mission to keep us all moving, enter the Theragun G3PRO - a ‘high-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy device

Say, what?  

Between you, me and your sore muscles, the Theragun is a deep tissue massage tool that helps muscles and physical health in several ways.  

1) Activate muscles prior to activity.
2) Provide muscular activation post-activity to aid recovery.
3) Offer pain relief and stiffness.

    Anyone who’s experienced the towel-biting joy of a deep-tissue massage will be excited to know the Theragun can achieve the same results but with less pain and pressure due to the speed (frequency) of the G3PRO.  

    Similar to deep-tissue massage, the vibrating treatment of the Theragun is beneficial to athletes on so many levels increasing blood and lymphatic flow, breaking up scar tissue, prevents the build up of post exercise toxins while activating and resetting the nervous system.  

    Where it differs from the hands of your favorite masseur, is the vibrating speed helps bypass the body's nervous system, so the muscles relax.




    “This isn’t really massage—it’s actually tricking your nervous system,” says chiropractor and TheraGun founder Dr. Jason S. Wersland. Healthy nerve impulses will react to pain in milliseconds, but if you put something on the area that moves faster, the brain can’t keep up.”

    The Theragun is like having your sports massage therapist at your beck and call, but ever so slightly better; the added convenience of a portable device you can take anywhere.

    The Theragun is an investment, and when you consider the cost of massage and/or physical therapy, it’s a no-brainer.

    Watch the video to see and believe.


    Theragun has released the next generation Theragun G3PRO as a new effective way to self-massage your muscles after tough workouts. Refining and improving the first generation Theragun, the next generation is quieter (pardon?), quiet to charge and lightning fast.

    Acting in a similar way to that of the Hypervolt, the Theragun massage tool is a percussion massager that releases 60-pounds of pressure to release even your deepest knots.



    What’s new with with the next generation Theragun G3PRO?  The new generation is a whopping 50% quieter than its predecessor, so now you can Netflix and ‘deep tissue massage’ at the same time. 

    - Noise is decreased by 50% when in use
    - Now has 60% more battery life (comes with 2 batteries)
    - Full charge takes only 75 minutes
    - Continues to have the standard 2400 RPMs and now has a lighter speed of 1750 RPMs
    - 6 unique attachments, designed by physicians 


    You have to recover like the best. The Theragun massage tool has been tried, reviewed and tested by some of the best athletes in the world and top media sources for its good vibrations.

    “My theragun is literally always with me,” Antonio Brown, NFL Wide Receiver

    "The TheraGun is an absolute game changer. Before, I would stretch and roll out for three hours. Now my recovery time is 20-30 minutes," Mat Fraser- CrossFit Games Champion

    “[The Theragun] could be a career extender,” - ESPN


    Rather than crank up and go, here are some Theragun best practices for pre-workouts, during workouts, and post-recovery.  

    We are all short on time, and many of us will admit to cutting short the post-workout rolling with the need to rush off to the next thing our our daily list. The Theragun allows you to reach total body recovery in as little as 15 minutes and reduce the rate of injury with any of the provided attachments.

    Accelerated Warm up: Use the new Theragun G3 PRO to target each muscle group for about 15 seconds each as an intergral part of your warm up process to start training.

    During workouts: Employ the Theragun G3 PRO to treat cramps and knots as needed to help flush out the lactic acid as you go.

    Post-training recovery: Use the different attachments on the Theragun G3 PRO as needed to target overused and sore areas to speed up the recovery process.

    The Theragun aims to make 3 things easier to manage: pain, fitness and wellness.   The kit comes with six physician-designed attachments provide targeted muscle treatment for most common pain points like plantar fasciitis, shin splints and tight calves.

    The Theragun's myofascial release techniques relieve sore and stiff muscles faster than simply rolling out and hand massaging. This machine is literally bang for your buck when it comes to home-based therapy and running recovery. 

    And bonus, not only is the Theragun a great percussion massager, it has the added benefits of promoting better sleep, range of motion and body awareness. 

    We challenge you to have the best training year yet with the help of the Theragun G3Pro deep tissue massage tool to target those pain points, accelerate recovery and get back to doing what you love better and faster.

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