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48 Hrs Express Shipping for all orders over $400 📦
PaMu Slide Review by HifiHelper

PaMu Slide Review by HifiHelper

Today I’m reviewing the Pamu Slide (created by Padmate) which is a totally wireless earbud. These have a lot of great features including the ability to automatically pair with your phone and the charging case can also be used to charge your phone as well.

And while these do sound incredible with certain genres of music, other genres don’t fair quite as well which I’ll be talking about in my impressions so far using these.

Now currently there is a promotion going so you can check the current promotional price at Indiegogo.

Accessories, Design & Features

So I’ll start out by showing you the accessories and then give you a closer look at the design and features.


Included with these earbuds is a portable charging case, a usb to C charging cable, a few different ear tip sizes and a manual.



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