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RingConn Smart Ring on sale for $399. Shop now!
Open-Ear Headphones: Mu6 Ring vs Aftershokz Trekz Air

Open-Ear Headphones: Mu6 Ring vs Aftershokz Trekz Air

You might be looking to up your fitness levels, then a pair of sports headphones is something that can give you extra motivation. The Aftershokz headphones have gained popularity due to its open-ear design, and so is the Mu6 Ring. 

I have tested both headphones during my office hours and running, . Here are the main key differences:

  1. Audio Quality
  2. Secure
  3. Battery Life
  4. Water-resistance
  5. Price
  6. Bottom Line

1. Audio Quality

The Aftershokz uses Bone Conduction while the Mu6 Ring uses Air Conduction. As the Aftershokz requires vibration on your skin and bone to enhance the audio, there'll be a tingling feeling around the ear. The Mu6 Ring plays the audio without any vibration. 

The spatial separation (stereo effect) performs better in the Mu6 Ring than the Aftershokz. The bass and volume were also more prominent in the Mu6 Ring. This was tested in different music genre like Pop, Rock, Instrumental, and Podcasts. 

Music tested:

  • Foo Fighters - All My Life (Rock)
  • Jackson Wang - LMLY (Pop)
  • Henry Jackson - Lousiana Hero (Instrumental)

2. Secure

The Aftershokz has a hook design that clings on the top of your ears while the Mu6 Ring wraps around the back of the skull. During testing, the Mu6 Ring feels unnoticeable and does not get out of place even when running downhill. In fact, I did not have to adjust the headphones throughout my run.

The buttons are on the sides of the Mu6 Ring while they are on the bottom for the Aftershokz. Changing volume and skipping tracks are more convenient on the Mu6 Ring than on the Aftershokz when running.

3. Battery Life

The Aftershokz Trekz Air has a battery life of up to 6 hours while the Mu6 Ring has 10 hours of playtime. During testing, the Mu6 Ring dropped only 10% of battery even after an hour and a half of outdoor exercise.

4. Water Resistance

Both have IP55 water resistance. I was able to rinse the Mu6 Ring under a running tap after my exercise and it has no problem.

5. Price

The Aftershokz Trekz Air retails originally at $239 (now at $149 as it is a 2017 model). The current model (Aeropex Mini) sells at $249 while the Mu6 Ring retails at $119 (Special price now at $99) which makes the price difference at more than 50%. The Mu6 Ring definitely is a good buy based on its reasonable price and sound quality.

6. Bottom Line

The Mu6 Ring certainly outperforms the Aftershokz in terms of audio quality, secure, battery life and price. The Aftershokz does have a nice rubber body and it is thinner. However, if you are looking to include music in your running or workouts, then you may want to consider the Mu6 Ring.




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