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Jaybird Vista vs Jabra Elite Active 75t : Which should you buy?

Jaybird Vista vs Jabra Elite Active 75t : Which should you buy?

Just how will the Jaybird Vista fare against Jabra's Elite Active 75t? 


These two pairs of true wireless earbuds are more evenly matched than it may seem, partly because they both have some form of water-resistance, but also for the simple fact they sound good. However, they do differ in some other key ways that set them apart. Let's see how these two competitors truly match up.

Unlike the AirPods, neither of these are built to crap out after a short time. Jabra made the Elite Active 75t sweat and water-resistant enough to withstand both the rain and a sweaty workout. Jaybird, on the other hand, is officially in waterproof territory with the Vista, meaning you can wear them down to a depth of three feet of clear water and not have to worry about it. That's one of the key differentiators between these two, among a few others.


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