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Jaybird Run Review: The Best True Wireless Earbuds For Athletes?

Jaybird Run Review: The Best True Wireless Earbuds For Athletes?

Wireless earbuds are all over today. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for premium sound, it seems like there’s almost a product for everyone that wants to dive into the wireless headphone experience. However, the competition for high-quality, truly wireless earbuds seems to have erupted since Apple created the AirPods. Jaybird has entered the space with some true wireless earbuds that will actually stay in your ears when you workout. But in order to help you decide if these truly wireless earbuds are right for you, we give you our in-depth Jaybird Run Review.

To start off, there are two distinct reasons why the Jaybird Run wireless earbuds are so unique:

First and foremost, they are true wireless headphones, just like the Apple AirPods and Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds. No cords, no cables, nothing.

Secondly, despite it being their first crack at creating premium truly wireless earbuds, Jaybird has created an amazing product that should be seriously considered by athletes. The Jaybird Run earbuds are comfortable, provide a customizable fit, and most of all deliver a crisp, customizable sound that is comparable to some of the best headphone manufacturers out there.

Hardware and Design

What’s great about the Jaybird Runs is that these wireless earbuds don’t try to look like something they are not. There are way too many companies in the wireless earbuds space that are trying to make their product look like something that they’re not. When it comes to making fully wireless earbuds, Jaybird knocks it out of the park.

The Jaybird Runs separate themselves from those massive, heavy Bluetooth headsets that you might be used to using. Jaybird tried to make the runs as small as possible in their unique design allows them to stay in your ears without you having to worry about them falling out. These truly wireless earbuds are extremely reliable. There’s no cord to keep them from falling on the ground if they were to fall out of your ear, so Jaybird had to make a design that would fit snugly with all different types of ears.

jaybird run review true wireless headphones for workouts

The fit and feel of these earbuds were Jaybyrd separates them self from the pack. If you are familiar with Jaybird products you’ll find the companies typical fin design that fits into the upper notches of your ear to help hold them in place. This design provides a total custom fit that makes these wireless earbuds hard to notice that you even have them in your ears.

No matter how unique your ear is, you’ll be covered because The Jaybird Run earbuds come equipped with four sets of silicone tips that will give you a custom fit. There are also three different types of fin tips that allow you to try and create the best fit possible for your ears. You can also go finless if you want if your ears don’t need the fins. And as you would expect, these wireless earbuds are also sweat-proof and water resistant. On top of that, they’re covered with a special coating to help keep your sweat out of the earbuds.

Along with the actual earbuds, the Jaybird Run comes with a rechargeable battery caring case. This case will add an additional eight hours of battery life to your Run earbuds. Although some will find the case too bulky to carry around with them in their pocket, it’s simple to stow it away in a backpack or gym bag and recharge when you run low on juice. What’s great about this case as well is that if you forget to charge your Jaybyrd run your buds, you can use the cases quick charge function that allows you to get up to one hour of battery life with just a five minute charge.

Our Experience With The Jaybird Run Working Out

Just like the Apple AirPods, the Jaybird Run is fairly simple to set up. You’ll be able to pair these wireless earbuds with your phone right out of the box, which is a huge plus. After messing around with the fins and the silicone tips we finally found the perfect fit but felt comfortable and snug.

What separates the Jaybird Run earbuds apart from the other competitors is their simplicity in tuning the outside world in our out, depending on your preference. When it comes to the Apple AirPods, you can’t really choose between being fully immersed or allowing ambient sound in. The Jaybird Runs allow you to choose while staying in your ears at the same time, which is a problem that some AirPods users experience.

Since the Jaybird Run earbuds are controlled through your right earbud, you can decide to go with one or two earbuds while you workout. This is great if you happen to workout with a friend or partner and you get annoyed having to take out your earbuds all of the time to talk to them.

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Each earbud has one single button that allows you to power on/off and change tracks through single and double clicking. Although this is nice, athletes with sensitive ears need to be aware that these buttons can sometimes be hard to press, causing discomfort while you have the earbuds in.


Despite that little setback, when it comes to the audio quality of the Jaybird Runs, you will be pleased. The earbuds pack a ton of punch in their tiny size, with everything from music to audio calls to podcasts sounding great.

And, what’s great about the Jaybird Run earbuds as well is that you can customize audio levels in the Jaybird app to give you the sound that you want. You can add some cool functions such as “bring the bass” and find custom settings that are favorites among professional athletes. Also, if you need help finding a motivating playlist to get you through your workout, the app will point you in the direction of customized Spotify playlists within the Jaybird app.

Zero wires. Custom fit. Rich sound. Ease of use. These were the features that we have been waiting for in a wireless workout earbud. In our experience with the Jaybird Run, it was just an easy and seamless experience right out of the box. The best thing about these truly wireless workout earbuds is the ability to customize your fit so that it feels like you’re not even wearing them. Athletes hate having to fidget with their headphones when they’re working out, and the Runs take away that anxiety.

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In terms of being wireless workout earbuds, the Jaybird Run earbuds are extremely comfortable. For the hour or two that you spend at the gym, you won’t even notice that they’re in your ears. They won’t fall out of your ears when you’re working out. You won’t have to shove them back in as you’re hitting your stride either. However, if you wear these things all day, you may experience some ear fatigue, especially if you have to use the fins for a custom fit.

Despite that, you’ll love the fit and reliability of these headphones. The customizability of the Jaybird Run earbuds allow you to find that perfect fit that takes the away the anxiety that many users feel when fidgeting with their earbuds at the gym. Plus, when you don’t have to worry about them falling out of your ears (or any cables, for that matter) it’s very liberating.

Battery Life and Charging Case Are A Game Changer

The Jaybird Run’s have approximately four hours of wireless battery life, which is plenty for athletes that are using these for their daily workout. And, once you’re done with your morning run or lift, you can just chuck them back into the case and get a quick charge out of them for your ride home.

With the battery case by your side, you should be able to get three days of heavy use of of the Jaybird Runs before you have to recharge the case. If you’re just using these wireless earbuds for your workouts, you should be able to extend them to 5-7 days worth of use with the charging case based on a daily one-hour workout.

Athletes will love the battery longevity of the Jaybird Run earbuds because the combined battery life from the earbuds and the case will power them up for multiple daily workouts. Expect about 10-12 hours of use with a set of fully charged earbuds and a fully charged case.

Pricing – Competitive and Reasonable

The Jaybird Run has premium features, but when it comes to the competition, it also has a premium price. Compared to the Apple Airpods ($159), the Jaybird Run earbuds run a premium price tag at $180. However, the price increase is very slight when compared to other premium wireless earbuds, like the Bose SoundSport that can run approximately $250.

For athletes, the Jaybird Runs are a fantastic option to go wireless without having to break open the piggy bank. For a wireless workout earbuds, they deliver fantastic sound and have the ability to produce a custom fit that will leave you pleased. If a cable isn’t that big of a deal for you, then you can drop down to a. You’ll get a premium sound experience and save a couple of bucks at the same time.

Final Word – Should You Buy the Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds?

jaybird run review in-depth best wireless workout headphones
When it comes to crushing your workout with zero anxiety from your earbuds, the Jaybird Run earbuds will leave you worry free. They’re a fantastic option for athletes that train hard and don’t want to worry about fidgeting with their headphones throughout their workout. Although you’re not getting the $500 headphone audio quality yet, you won’t even notice it when your heart starts pumping.

The minuscule lack of audio quality is well worth the sacrifice when you gain full wireless capability, a custom fit that won’t fall out no matter how much you sweat, and quick charge carrying case that will have you powered for a week’s worth of workouts.


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