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Amazfit introducing ZenBuds Smart Sleep Earbuds into Singapore

Amazfit introducing ZenBuds Smart Sleep Earbuds into Singapore

The new Amazfit ZenBuds help users sleep better and smarter thanks to their noise-blocking and real-time sleep monitoring functions. Featuring a sleek, ergonomic, in-ear design, Amazfit ZenBuds fit snugly into your ear to eliminate external noise and provide peace and quiet all night long. Amazfit ZenBuds' Smart Interference further removes noise while playing soothing, sleep-inducing sounds that automatically turn off once you're asleep. Additionally, real-time monitoring gathers data on your heart rate, body position and movement, then compiles it in a report that helps you better understand and improve your sleep quality. With a 12-hour battery lifei, Amazfit ZenBuds can both lull you to sleep at night and wake you up in the morning with an in-ear alarm.

The sleep-oriented Amazfit ZenBuds recently took home the prestigious 2020 Red Dot Design Award. Recognized for their highly innovative features and disruptive design qualities, Amazfit ZenBuds are reimagining the future of smart wearables.

Fit Right, Sleep Tight - Amazfit ZenBuds Are the Perfect Sleep Companion

Amazfit ZenBuds are designed to help you get to sleep easily, the natural way. No pills, no counting sheep, and no clunky noise machines. Just comfortable, lightweight, noise-blocking earbuds that gently guide you to sleep--and keep you asleep all night long. Amazfit ZenBuds feature an extensive library of natural, sleep-inducing sounds-- from babbling brooks to forest birds--that put you at ease while blocking out all distracting noises. And, when the Smart Playback feature is turned on, the soothing sounds automatically pause once you fall asleep.

Amazfit ZenBuds are also designed to monitor your sleep positions, heart rate and sleep quality, so you'll awake each morning to insights that can help you create better sleep habits. Amazfit ZenBuds fit snugly and won't fall out while you're sleeping--even if you toss and turn. The state-of-the-art earbuds can also guide you through deep breathing exercises, helping you relax and calm your mind after a busy day.

Light and Flexible for All-Night Comfort

The ultra-sleek and stylish Amazfit ZenBuds weigh in at just 1.78g per earbud. Extensively tested for a secure and comfy fit, Amazfit ZenBuds feature skin-friendly silicone tips with an elastic and stretchable texture, so they don't put pressure on the ear or slip out easily when you move. Their softness and flexibility also make cleaning and replacement a snap--simply stretch and remove the tips. And the silicone eartips are thermal and sweat-proof, so they rest comfortably in the outer ear without probing your ear canal or sinking in too deeply.

Products availability and suggested retail price:

Amazfit ZenBuds will be available exclusively on Challenger ( & from 18 Dec to 31 Dec 2020 at a suggested retail price of SGD239.

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