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48 Hrs Express Shipping for all orders over $400 📦
Advanced M5-TWS Review by Musicphotolife

Advanced M5-TWS Review by Musicphotolife

If you have read my other review of Advanced Model X, you would have already known that Advanced Sound Group is an audio equipment manufacturer who makes earphones, headphones, DAC amplifier, ear tips, cables. With the relative popularity of Model X and their expertise in customised audio accessories, Advanced developed the new M5-TWS which is crafted using 3D-printing technology.

Advanced M5-TWS unboxed


The M5-TWS is the world’s first true wireless earbuds that is mass-produced with 3D-printing. Its ergonomic housing is designed based on 50,000+ actual ear impression data collected over the years to ensure maximum compatibility and comfort.  Its complex contours that resemble the actual in-ear shape could only be achieved by implementing the 3D-printing technique over the traditional mould tooling method. The surface is hand-polished to perfection and the striped pattern plate added for that striking look.



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