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Theragun Elite 5th Generation

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Original price $639.00
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Deep, powerful massage with premium tech features + customizable control  

Theragun Elite will help you maximize your warm-up, recover quickly, decrease muscle fatigue and improve performance with its combination of scientifically-proven, powerful percussive massage therapy and all of the premium, customizable tech features you need to have complete control over your recovery. Its OLED screen displays real-time feedback of your massage speed and pressure and gives you the ability to customize and save your favorite time and speed settings directly to your device.

 • Improve performance
  • Decrease muscle fatigue + soreness
  • Reduce tension + soreness
  • Improve circulation + flexibility
  • Maximize warm-up
  • Recover quickly



  • Powerful 16mm percussive massage therapy scientifically proven to maximize warm-up, decrease muscle fatigue and improve recovery
  • OLED screen with 5 speeds that displays real-time speed and force
  • Save 3 of your favorite speed and time settings from the Therabody app to your device for easy access
  • Premium, high-quality materials in a sleek, elegant design with USB-C charging
  • Unparalleled reliability with up to 60 lbs. of no-stall force
  • 5 scientifically designed attachments to target different areas: Dampener, Standard Ball, Thumb, Micro-point + Wedge
  • Patented triangle grip to reach more of your body than other devices
  • Bluetooth connected to the Therabody app for step-by-step guided routines and device customization