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Theracup protocols

Download the PDF for Theracup protocols here


Using the cupping technology

  1. Select the cup size (small, medium, large) best suited for the area you want to use TheraCup™. See below for more information on how to select the appropriate cup size. Ensure contact between the cup and the black ring on the device for sealing.
  2. Once comfortable, turn ON TheraCup™ by dragging the MasterSwitch slider to the right. The battery status LED shows that the device is ON.
  3. Short press the suction (middle) button to begin cupping. Short press the suction button to toggle through the pressure settings (low, medium, high).
  4. Place the cup on your forearm to adjust settings accordingly before use, or place directly on the intended area, such as your back, arms, and legs and begin use. Once placed, push the cup into the skin for strong suction.
  5. Short press the vibration button to turn ON vibration. Short press the vibration button to toggle through the speed settings. A long press turns off the treatment.
  6. Short press the heat button to turn ON the heat treatment. A short press toggles through the three temperatures, and a long press stops the treatment.
  7. After three minutes, you will hear a short beep, indicating that TheraCup™ treatment is complete. To turn OFF TheraCup™, drag the MasterSwitch slider to the left. The device will maintain suction until safely removed.

General usage notes

1. Cup Sizes Overview
- Small: (35mm) recommended for smaller muscles, e.g., levator scapulae (back of the neck), traps, knees, calves.
- Medium: (45mm) recommended for medium muscles, e.g., deltoids, triceps, forearms, traps.
- Large: (55mm) cup) recommended for larger muscles, e.g., traps, back, lower back, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves.
2. As with cupping generally, bruising will occur after use of TheraCup™.