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Q: What is Weareready Rental?

A: We offer short-term product rentals especially for hotel quarantine & SHN in Singapore.

Q: Can I request something specific?

A: Yes as long as it is legal in Singapore and within certain limits (weight/size). Please check with your hotel if what you're requesting is allowed as different hotels have different rules. No refunds are available once products have been prepared.

Q: Prices are quoted based on 7/14/21 days quarantine/SHN. I'm in the middle of my quarantine period, can I still rent?

A: Yes. If you are already serving your quarantine and would like to rent for a period shorter than 21 days, you can still rent but the daily price will be slightly higher as we need to factor in the fixed costs like the to and fro delivery/pick-up. (min. 7 days)

Q: What currency is being used?

A: All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars (SGD)

Q: How much is delivery?

A: Delivery for both ways is included

Q: How many days requires the rental item to be delivered after order?

A: Please allow at least 1-2 working days for us to process your rental order so to deliver it to your hotel.

Q: When do I get back the deposit?

A: After the product is returned and checked, we shall refund your deposit around 5 working days.

Q: Do I get back the full deposit?

A: Yes, if there are no noticeable issues on the product and no missing accessories.

Q: What else is the deposit for?

A: To cover any damages to the product, and to account for cancellations.

Q: Where is the deposit going to be returned to?

A: We can refund the amount to you via partial refund on credit card payment.

Q: Are the equipment safe?

A: We sanitize and disinfect all returned products with "ECO-SAM" disinfectant cleaner which made-in-Singapore.

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: Cancellations will incur a 15% (of the actual rental fee amount) cancellation fee. If cancellation occurs after delivery is arranged, an additional delivery charge of S$60 will apply.

Q: Product is not working. What should I do?

A: Please contact us immediately and we will make arrangements for a replacement.

Q: What if I change my mind?

A: Unfortunately, we're not able to provide any refunds.

Q: I broke the product. What will happen?

A: You do not get back your deposit. If we're able to fix it, we may provide a partial refund.

Q: I really like the product, and would like to buy it!

A: We can sell the product at a discounted rate depending on its condition. Please contact us.

Q: What to do on the last day of rental?

A: Please contact us back on the check-out date via WhatsApp (+65-9230-6564) with order no. 

Leave the item to the hotel lobby, and inform them that it is to be given to "Weareready Rental". Products to be returned MUST be specified to the hotel staff upon check-out. Any items left inside the room will be discarded by the hotel, and you will be liable for the losses.