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EARIN - The First True Wireless Earbuds!

No cords. No wires. No distractions. Not only have we removed the cables but, we have made the earbuds as small and as light as possible to create the most immersive sound imaginable.

EARIN - Incredible sound with acoustic detail and clarity 

Enjoy the breathtaking audio quality, Earin earbuds are built with two dedicated amps driving high-precision balanced armature speakers. The result is an incredibly detailed sound, excellent mid and high-tones with a tight bass response all delivered with minimal distortion. This combined with the most advanced wireless and battery technologies available and a noise isolating design makes Earin unique in wireless audio.



Beautiful Capsule for the EARIN!

To charges your earbuds when not in use, just store it into the capsule which will charge automatically, so EARIN's are ready to go when you are.



 EARIN - APP to Customize, Tweak, and Play

Our earbuds work with most handheld Bluetooth® compatible devices and we have created a dedicated Earin app to enable you to customize your Earin experience.

Bass Boost — Activate to enhance the low end frequencies.          

Balance — Control the volume between the left and right earbuds.

Battery Levels — Monitor how much battery life you have in each   earbud.          

Custom Name — Assign a unique name to your earbuds.              

 Available for iOS and Android devices.