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Can’t Stand the Heat? 3 Innovative Features of the Coolify 3 You Need to Check Out

Can’t Stand the Heat? 3 Innovative Features of the Coolify 3 You Need to Check Out

The Heat. You can label it “humid”, “hot weather”, “El Nino”, it all boils down to the fact that Singapore’s weather can get unbearable sometimes, and we hate it. The sun beating down on you, sweat rolling down your skin and clothes that cling tighter as they get drenched, seems familiar to you? Better yet, leaving your home washed up and feeling fresh, only to be dripping in sweat the next moment. From the food that we eat, places we go to and even the clothes that we wear, when you’re living in Singapore you can’t help but to factor in what the weather is going to feel like. It does make you think twice about being outdoors.

With heat being common enemy #1 in Singapore, people are finding new ways to respond. In recent months we’ve seen shirts with fast wicking, countless portable fans, with some innovations in products like neck fans. But what we really crave for, is that wave of cool that comes from air-conditioners. Which is where the Coolify 3 comes in. if you’re unfamiliar with the Coolify line of portable air conditioners, you’re in for an icy treat. From the start, the Coolify managed to effectively capture the comfort we need in through its unique combination of strong fans and unique cooling plate technology. Now in its 3rd iteration, they might have successfully broken the matrix. If you’re looking for a way to stay ahead of the game, the Coolify 3 might be perfect for you. Not quite sure what to expect? Here are 3 innovative features of the Coolify 3.

Cools You Down

Undoubtedly, the most important feature of a neck air conditioner is for it to cool you down. With respect to this, the Coolify 3 is top notch. Most neck-worn fans are able to provide a soft breeze for some comfort in the heat, but a neck air conditioner like the Coolify 3 easily outclasses that. Apart from the powerful airflow that is created from its fans, this lifestyle device improved on the cooling plate technology that it was famous for. Now with a wider surface area, the cool that you get reaches all the way around the sides of your neck.

Imagine, instead of a head full of sweat, a cool breeze greets you instead. A chill that spread throughout your neck and upper body follows, and your day instantly gets better. If you’re a person that spends a lot of time outdoors, constant being beaten down by sun, a neck air conditioner like the Coolify 3 is definitely a game-changer.

Ergonomic Design and Fit

Considering gadgets like a neck fan or air conditioner should be working to keep you cool throughout the day, it is important to see if the design is ergonomic. Your upper body can get quite sensitive to pressure on the neck or shoulders, and weight on these areas can easily tire you out or even give you headaches. Normally, the neck fans that you find are simply fan blades wrapped in plastic cases, connected by a thin wiry frame. Then comes the Coolify 3 with its sleek and stylish design, and ultimately ergonomic fit.

This gadget sits comfortably on your neck and is able to fit on anyone. With its sides padded with aerogel, a soft and smooth-to-touch material, the hold it has is gentle. The overall form factors allows you to leave it on your neck for hours without any strain. If you’ve been testing out these neck fans but can’t find the right fit, the Coolify 3’s design should be something you try next.

Hands-free Convenience

Portable fans have come a long way. However, since the days of the paper and bamboo variety one thing hasn’t changed, portable fans required you to use your hands. Even today, the mini cooling devices people bring around remain as handheld devices. This is part of the ingenuity of the Coolify series, it is an entirely handsfree device. Once you’ve put one on, you no longer need to set the direction of the fans, trying to find the best angle. Its multiple airflow outlets all around eliminates the need to get your hands dirty. With the Coolify 3 you’ve regained your extra limb for more important activities while you’re outdoors like having an ice cream, holding your children’s hands or even petting a cat.

To top it off, the hands free experience is elevated when you pair your device to the mobile app. Once paired, the Coolify app allows you to personalise your device settings and shows you its battery status. You would be able to control the fan speed and cooling strength all without touching the Coolify that you have on. If you’ve been looking for a much more convenient way to keep cool, it’s time to go hands-free with the Coolify 3.

Simply the Best

Whether it’s the special cooling plate technology, ergonomic design or the convenience factor, the Coolify 3 stands as a highly innovative answer to Singapore’s weather. Neck fans may seem like a competitor in lifestyle gadgets, but this neck air conditioner dominates in each category.


To find out more about the Coolify 3, click here!

Author: Ian

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