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Feeling stressed? A run could help!

Feeling a little stressed out? A run could help!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies and governments around the world have implemented work-from-home initiatives, forcing employees to stay home. With lesser time spent on commuting, people are spending their newfound spare time exercising, be it at home or outdoors. A recent study by ASICS found that more than a third of the global population are now exercising more than they did before COVID-19 hit. 

Running for the sake of mental health

For the people cooped up at home, exercising has been an avenue to relieve stress and to maintain a clear head. 

In the study conducted by ASICS, 14,000 people from 12 countries were surveyed. 78% of them said that being active physically has made them feel more "sane and in control". The study by ASICS has reaffirmed the fact that physical exercise makes us feel better, both mentally and physically. 

Enough said, let's run!

With the multitude of benefits associated with physical exercise, a simple form of that would be running. It's simple, requires no professional equipment, and you can easily do it with a partner or in groups. Well of course, you'll have to adhere to the "5-a-group" laws. 

Here are a few steps you can take to begin your running journey!


1. Gear

You won't need expensive workout equipment to run. However, a good pair of running shoes and a pair of wireless earbuds would most definitely make your run more enjoyable. 


Asics Gel-Nimbus 21

Every runner would appreciate having a good running shoe. This pair from Asics checks all the boxes and fulfils the requirements of an everyday running shoe. 

Combining cushioning and a superior fit, the Gel-Nimbus 21 effortlessly provides outstanding comfort and premium performance. Expect superb responsiveness with the gel-cushioned systems within the shoe.

Image Souce : Asics SG

Check out the Asics Gel-Nimbus 21


Jaybird Vista

Instead of hearing the sounds of passing cars, other people, or worse - sound of the wind blowing into your ears, why not listen to some music? With the Jaybird Vista True Wireless Earbuds, enjoy the ultimate active audio experience. The earbud is IPX7 waterproof,  enabling you to use it in rain or shine. Coupled with 16 hours of battery life, the earbuds will last throughout your entire running routine! 

2. Theragun Warmup


Using a percussive massage device such as Theragun can greatly improve your workout. Using Theragun before your run can help activate your muscles, increase your range of motion, as well as increasing your oxygenated blood flow. With an increased oxygenated blood flow to your legs, you reduce the risk of injury while increasing your running performance. 

With the Theragun mini, you can bring percussive massage therapy anywhere with you! it can easily fit in any bag you bring to the gym, making it a must-have for your gym bag.

Check out the Theragun mini

Go for your run!

3. Running app

Running alone can be lonely at times. Thankfully, running apps are easily accessible on your phone or even your smartwatch! These apps serve as a digital partner as well as a fitness tracker. Some, such as the Nike + Run Club, utilises GPS tracking to monitor your runs. Most of the time, these apps will include a pace and distance tracker, giving you audio cues whenever you complete a milestone distance. Another great running app would be Runkeeper!



Post run

4. Theragun Recovery

Besides using it for your warmup, you can use the Theragun for post workout recovery as well. The Theragun aids in moving lactic acid out of the muscles you used during exercise, enabling quicker recovery and lesser muscle sores.

Unsure how to use the Theragun for recovery? Honestly, just put it where it hurts. 

Check out the Theragun Elite


Best running routes in Singapore

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