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48 Hrs Express Shipping for all orders over $600 📦

[DEMO CLEARANCE] Nexgim QB-C01 Smart AI Exercise Gym Bike

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(Condition: 7-8 out of 10 Small scratches)

(Warranty: 30 Days local warranty)

The Indoor Exercise Bike with smart features. Powered by the Nexgim app, you can enjoy a range of exercise courses:

  • Virtual routes
  • Spin classes
  • Interactive guided courses
  • Resistance/gears auto-controlled by the app
  • Fitness reports

Working from home or refrain from going out can limit our physical activities. Some have stopped going to the gym or still undecided. Many have completely lost the motivation to workout or due to a lack of results. 


NEW Smart Feature: Stay Plug-Free

The Nexgim is able to convert your power wattage generated from your cycling to electricity to charge your mobile devices. 

Nexgim App

The Nexgim Smart Exercise is the new innovative companion that encourages you to put on your fitness outfit and start exercising. It is extremely convenient if you are short on time or refrain from meeting people. In addition, the smart feature of the Nexgim Bike pairs you up with the Nexgim app. Under the professional guidance of the variety of videos, you now have direction in reaching your fitness goals. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, you can gain considerable results.

The native Nexgim app has 3 categories: Power (Guided Course), Video (Spin Class), and Route (Virtual World). 

Power (Guided Course)

The Power (Guided Course) category has training animated videos that auto-tune your bike resistance and countdown timer.  If you have limited time, you can choose a “10-minute daily health” or endurance courses which can last up to 60 minutes. HIIT lovers have options like the “20-minute interval fat burning” course. The “20-minute climbing sprint” is a great way to build muscle strength.

Video (Spin Class)

Oftentimes, we need a training buddy or someone who just give us instructions for motivation. The Video (Spin Class) category consists of Spin Classes videos where a professional coach will guide you through from warm up to your actual workout. 

These videos are interactive as it auto-tunes your bike resistance. If you choose a HIIT spin class, be sure to have your resistance to be high and low throughout. With 28 courses to choose from (to date), you do not have to worry about booking
your next spin class.

Route (Virtual Cycling)

Another feature of the Nexgim app is the Route (Virtual Cycling). Stationary cycling can become dull after a while and can lead to a loss of motivation. 

Virtual world cycling removes that boredom as the smart feature of the Nexgim bike syncs with the virtual route you are riding on. If you're climbing up a slope, the resistance will increase, same effect as you are cycling on a decline. To date, there are up to 10 different virtual routes (Fukushima, Washington, Beijing, etc) to explore.


More Apps

The Nexgim Smart Bike is not limited to its native app. It is also compatible with cycling apps like Zwift, Rouvy, and RGT*. But please note that each app has its own subscription fee but you can also try the trial version before deciding if you want to use it long term.


The Zwift app is a virtual cycling app where you meet and train alongside cyclists from all over the world. Now you don't have to cycle on your own but have the ability to overtake others. The Zwift app is a fun training app that makes home cycling more enjoyable.

*All third-party apps' (Zwift, Rouvy, RGT) compatibility are subject to app developers' updates. 

Detailed Report

The Nexgim App provides a detailed report after each of your workout. You are able to track your calories burned, duration, distance, power, and cadence*. The calories burned are visualized with food to make it interesting and easy to understand. The data are presented in numbers as well as in charts. 

 *Heart rate is available using a Amazfit smartwatch.