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TORRAS Coolify2 Wearable Air Conditioner (Special Edition-5000 mAh)

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  • Chill, instantly. Cool down 15°C in 1S.
  • Temperature-responsive color-changing coating. Stylish and unique, it resonates with you as the ambient temperature changes.
  • Premium IML craft and Kevlar fabric touch. Incredibly level up the exclusive look while keeping it super scratch-resistant.
  • 5000mAh battery brings 25% more cooling time.Long-lasting enough for 20 hours of outdoor activities.
  • Dual-semiconductor and smart NTC temperature control. Beat the heat and make you refreshed with the press of a button.
  • Immersive wrap-around cooling delivers 360° airflow, enabling you to cool down in 1 second.
  • 0-160° adjustable, comfortable to wear. Stay cool with ease even when you've been involved in your activities for long hours.
  • More versatile than you think. It also excels at warming you up in the cold winter while keeping you cool on summer days.




Coolness That Really Lasts.

20 hours of cooling time on a single charge. Keeping you cool whether
you're jogging or having other outdoor activities.

Torras Coolify2 Air Conditioner Special Edition

Your Coolify2. Your Style. Exclusive orange-black switch-up delivers a playful take on its look inspired by seasonal colorways. More than just immutable black, it presents temperature changes in a gradient way to keep up with your style.Premium IML Craft. Improved IML craft with Kevlar fabric makes COOLIFY 2 premium. It's scratch-resistant with 2H hardness, always keeping as it is. The carbon fiber that is adopted doubles up the cooling result while increasing the hardness of the device.