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48 Hrs Express Shipping for all orders over $400 📦

TORRAS Coolify Wearable Air Conditioner

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TORRAS Necklace Air Cooler, Hands-Free Bladeless Fan, 4000 mAh Battery Operated Wearable Personal Fan, Leafless, Rechargeable, Headphone Design, USB Powered Mini Fan, For Travel Home and Office Use,3 Speeds



Color: White

You're Coolify-ed for This Summer!

Are you looking for a simple solution to help cool your body during those hot summer days, intense workouts or just about anything in between?

Coolify, the most technologically advanced personal air conditioner unit. With a Ku Peltier Radiator and 3D Airflow Design, Coolify lowers your body temperature within 3 seconds!

Wearing Coolify device feels like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day. Coolify provides a constant cooling experience for as long as you wear it

Driving away Summer Heat with Coolify!

  1. Advanced semiconductor technology: Heat energy is exchanged by a semiconductor cooling plate, and the coldness is transmitted to the skin within 1 second, lower your body temperature by 12 degrees in just 1 second!
  2. Wind power full update: Adopting a 5000 rmp dual-core high-speed motor design, 60 enlarged fan blades collect the wind, and 36 expanded wind outlets increase the wind speed by 214%.
  3. Adjustable 135 degree wind direction: Silicone material allows you to adjust the airflow direction to the most comfortable angle for you.
  4. Patented vertical ventilation: Exclusive air duct is adopted for the first time, and a three-dimensional wind can be realized from 360 ° vertical direction.

The amount of up air is about 70%, which effectively lowers the temperature of the neck and face.

The amount of down air is about 30%, which keeps the skin smooth and comfortable.

Coolify-2021 fully upgrade!

  1. Battery capacity upgrade: 4000mAh super capacity, lasting 8 hours on 1speed.
  2. Battery indicator upgrade: Equipped with 3-segment LED light, the remaining power is clear at a glance.
  3. Charging upgrade: (5V2A) upgrade to USB-C fast charging, 2X faster than the rest.
  4. Safety upgrade: Adopting patented technologies such as bladeless design, anti-hair entanglement and air intake.
  5. Mute effect upgrade: Equipped with a new advanced DC mute motor, the operating noise is suppressed to 31 decibels.

Anyone Anytime Anywhere

  1. Anyone :Doctor/Chef/Outdoor Worker/Makeup Artist/Office Clerk/Elderly/Child……
  2. Anytime:Traveling, Camping, Picnic, Hiking, Cooking, Study room……
  3. Anywhere : Outdoor/ Indoor/ office……

How to Use?

  1. Turn on: Click one time
  2. Turn off: Click four time
  3. Adjust wind speed:Click the button
  4. Cooling mode:Press for 1.5 s- turn on/off the cooling mode
  5. Lasting time: Speed 1: 8H; Speed 2: 6H; Speed 3: 3H; Cooling mode: 2-4H
  6. Battery indicator:1 LED: 1/3 battery capacity; 2 LED: 2/3 battery capacity; 3 LED: full battery capacity


  • For your health, the cooling mode will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. Need to turn on the cooling mode again if you want to use it.
  • It is normal for the device to generate heat. This is because the semiconductor material is dissipating heat.
  • COOLIFY can be used for 2-4 hours in cooling mode, depending on which wind speed you use.

Elegant packaging as the best gift for women/ men

  1. Technology-sense packaging:Space capsule design give COOLIFY a sense of mystery. Technology is mysterious and requires us to be curious and explore, this is our design philosophy
  2. Cool design:The wearable headphone design makes you look so cool. The leafless design resolves the embarrassment of ugly appearance. Let you have a cool appearance while enjoying the refreshing
  3. Useful functions:Semiconductor refrigeration can lower your body temperature by 12 degrees in just 1 second! COOLIFY is definitely a good partner on outdoors. Three-speed adjustable is suitable for different scenarios. It is definitely a boon for outdoor workers
  4. Best gift:A summer artifact, cooling summer. COOLIFY is a must-have item this summer. As a gift for father/mother/girlfriend/boyfriend/birthday gift/anniversary gift