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ONEFit Miniwalker - Compact Home Hiking Machine (Treadmill)

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by ONEFit

# No assembly required

The ONEFit miniwalker is designed to fit into our busy lives. Its small size and lightweight make it the best portable hiking for anyone who enjoys walking or hiking.. It is perfect for limited living spaces; it is easy to store and easy to move around the house.

Its speed ranges from 1 km/h to 5km/h. From 1 - 3 km/h, you will feel like you are doing a slow - moderate fast hike while from 4km/h onwards, you will be hiking faster to jogging uphill. 

During this period, our health may be affected due to a lack of exercise because of gym closure but the miniwalker is here to improve your cardiovascular health.



Small Lightweight Yet Great Stability

Limited workout space is one of the biggest problems for a lot of people when it comes to purchasing a treadmill. This is where ONEFit miniwalker comes into the picture. A small treadmill is a fantastic option when space is an issue, especially if you’re planning to exercise regularly in an apartment.

Onefit Miniwalker DimensionLightweight, inexpensive, and portable are considerations when choosing treadmills. But many of these cheap treadmills are hardly worth the price, as they often shake, make rattling noises as you use them, and break down in a matter of months. That’s why it is important to choose your new small treadmill with care.

The Onefit miniwalker has a net weight of 25kg and supports a maximum user weight of 110kg. As a portable walker, it is lightweight while you can still feel solid while exercising on this miniwalker. It engaging features that are designed for convenient use at home and office to help you attain your fitness goals.

Onefit Miniwalker Structure


Perfect 5-Degree Incline

While more strenuous than walking on a flat surface, jogging or walking uphill has the unique advantage of allowing you to get your heart rate very high without having to move at high speed. It reduces your impact load.

Onefit Miniwalker Incline

Onefit Miniwalker Health BenefitsNOISE

Whisper Quiet

Wanner exercise while entertaining at home or working at the office?

ONEFit miniwalker includes a DC2HP ultra-quiet motor and patented walking traction control system; the noise of the engine never exceeds 50DB to keep things quiet while you work out, this ensures that you do not disturb while you are at home or even in the office.


Onefit Miniwalker Noise Level

 Onefit Miniwalker Work from Home


From Walking to Slow Jogging

Speed range: 1-5 kmh, 0.62 - 3.1mph

How many times have you gotten so frustrated with running, that you just gave up? While running isn’t for everyone, most people who can walk pain-free can work towards jogging and ultimately running.

The problem with going from walking to running for most people is usually a combination of 2 issues. The first issue is a lack of patience and the desire to push yourself too far too fast. The second issue has to do with muscle imbalances and weaknesses which are not addressed before starting to jog or run. These imbalances can put you at risk for injury.


Remote Control + APP Control

The ONEFit Miniwalker can be easily controlled by RF remote control and the Fitshow App.

From now on, all you need is your phone to control your Miniwalker. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, and simply install the Fitshow app from Android or IOS market; with the app, you can turn the Miniwalker on and off, set the speed, and view your training data. 

The Miniwalker can also sync to Zwift via your electronic devices. Do note that Zwift requires a monthly paid subscription.


Onefit Miniwalker Wireless ConnectionsOnefit Miniwalker Specifications