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Advanced M5-TWS World's First 3D-printed High Fidelity True Wireless Earbuds

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True Wireless (TWS)  |  What does it mean?

ADVANCED M5-TWS is a pair of true wireless (TWS) earbuds - there are no wires connecting left and right side earbuds, as well as the connection to your music source device

The Pinnacle of True Wireless Audio
The proprietary PHPC (Pressurized High-Purity Carbon) driver used in the M5-TWS consists of the ultra-thin pressurized diamond-like carbon layer diaphragm which is both extremely rigid and light-weight, combined with the high-mass pure copper moving coil that maximizes the vibration stroke of the diaphragm. This unique pairing results in an improved overall resolution of the audio output from its 6.1mm diameter driver. M5-TWS is then delicately tuned to resemble Harman target curve using our proprietary acoustic filters and precise driver placement relative to your eardrum. The resulting audio is high-fidelity unlike any true wireless earbuds that came before it.

World's First 3D-printed Housing

The M5-TWS is the world's first true wireless earbuds that are crafted using the latest 3D-printing technology.  Its totally ergonomic housing is designed based on 50,000+ actual ear impression data our partners and we collected over the years to ensure maximum compatibility and comfort.  Its complex contours that resemble the actual in-ear shape could only be achieved by implementing the 3D-printing technique over the traditional mould tooling method.

CNC Aluminum Premium Charging Case

The M5-TWS features a premium CNC-machined and anodized aluminum charging case with USB-C charging port.  The case has an easy-slide lid that is designed for one-hand operation, which allows quick access to the earbuds on-the-go.

Automatic Pairing

The M5-TWS automatically turns on, enters pairing mode and turns off when you are done using it.

  • When M5-TWS is taken out of the charging case, it turns on automatically.
  • M5-TWS then automatically enters pairing mode, discoverable from Bluetooth source device around.
  • When M5-TWS is put back inside the charging case, it automatically disconnects from the source device and turns off.

Intuitive Touch-Control
Touch gesture control allows seamless operation of M5-TWS and provides a fluid and unobstructed user-experience.

  • Tap Twice : Play / pause music, answer / end phone calls
  • Tap Three times : Previous / skip music track, reject incoming call

All Day Battery Life
The M5-TWS can play music up to 32-hour of all day use with its charging case.  Single charge of earbuds is good for 9-hour continuous music playing.  Combined with quick-charging, the M5-TWS is your ideal all-day portable music companion.

ATPX / AAC High Resolution Codec Support
The M5-TWS implements the latest Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset, enabling APTX / AAC codec for high resolution music playback, and streamlining the pairing protocol that eliminates the need to reset the device for connection issues.


  • 1 M5-TWS charging case
  • 3 pairs of Fidelity silicone tips (Type 1)
  • 3 pairs of Fidelity silicone tips (Type 2)
  • 1 pair of Fidelity foam tips
  • 1 USB-C charging cable