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Free Express Shipping for all orders over $400 📦

ZeroTouch Z100 Copper Alloy Multipurpose Tool (includes retractable carabiner)

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The Safe & Easy way to prevent germs.

Designed in Australia, Zerotouch Z100 is made entirely from a solid piece of grade 260 brass which is inherently antimicrobial. It is created to help decrease the spreading of germs while doing your everyday tasks such as pressing buttons, opening doors and opening packages.

No direct contact with possible contaminated surfaces and it's great for everyday chores. Also easy to clean with steel wool or disinfectant wipes.

ZeroTouch is made of solid brass, made of (at least 62%) Copper and Zinc, these two elements make it completely antimicrobial.

Everyday tasks (not limited to):

- Door Handles
- Buttons
- Keys
- Boxes


Weight: 2 oz.
Size: 77.5mm x 30mm
Material: Brass 260
70% Copper / 30% Zinc